“Now that we are almost 3 weeks after I started working with Shahi, I have already lost 7.5 kg! I lost 2.5 kg in the first week. I haven’t had a cup of coffee in one week and I feel just great- this has never happened since I was 16 and I don’t even crave it like I used to. I look less bloated and I feel great! My eating habits have transformed. This is so not me, I mean I never ate salad and now I just crave it! I stopped carving junk unhealthy food and it feels amazing! I am very happy to have participated in your program. Thanks so much Shahi!”

- Angie Helmy

The detox was a boost for me to stop my unhealthy eating habits and the non-stop eating too. I’m not craving sweets anymore. I have quit coffee and tea and I’m not regretting since my headache is much better now!! What makes me happier is that lots of people seeing me these days telling me you look different something has change in you which is exactly how I feel and it is true. Thanks a lot Shahinaz El Tarouty.

- Hala Khalaf

“I am so excited that I just completed an amazing life changing program with Shahi. I managed to learn sooo much about my body and so new healthy eating habits. I learned to give up a lot of the old rigorous eating old habits that I never thought I could easily overcome. I, finally, overcame all the sugar cravings, learned how to cook in a super healthy way food that even my kids and husband loved and enjoyed sharing with me. Today, I am truly feeling SUPER Inside-Out. I am feel lighter more energetic and much healthier. Thanks to you… Thanks to Shahi ‘The Healthy Way’.”

- Youssra El Gabbas

- Sarah Spark, South Carolina, US

Thank you so much Shahinaz El Tarouty for your efforts, it has been a Life-changing experience, although I wasn’t 100% committed but I have learned and changed a lot. I am now much more in control of my health.

- Mariam Talaat

Right after the program I noticed a clearer skin, less puffiness under the eyes. Also he skin shade was much youthful and rejuvenated. The whole experience was a real transformation!

- Mona El Kaissy


The exact steps that I took to go from feeling tired & bloated to light & energetic.

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