EP05: Feeling Empowered by Balancing Your Energy with Melissa Habibi

by | Jul 10, 2019 | Podcast

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    • In today’s episode we talk about:

      * What Energy Healing is

      *How the different Chakras function in energy healing

      *The difference between basic energy modalities (ie. some forms of Reiki) vs advanced ones

      *How to influence your surroundings to have better energy for you, and how to avoid negative energy

      *Why you don’t necessarily have to be a spiritual person to experience the benefits of Energy Healing

      Today’s episode guest speaker is Melissa Habibi, Soul Healer & Spiritual Coach!

      You can connect with our guest expert Melissa through her website at: https://www.childofgaia.co.uk/

      Also, you can find her Youtube Channel Here


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