A 6-week group program for mind, body & soul transformation, The Healthy Way

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Now Imagine...

  • Waking up feeling energized, without depending on coffee and sugar.

●  Losing the weight without feeling deprived.

●  Finally knowing the foods that give you energy and glowing skin.

●  Having optimal digestion and no more irritable bowel symptoms (IBS)

●  Discovering your unique food blueprint to glow from the inside out

●  Feeling motivated, positive and cultivating the right mindset daily for success.

The problem is, you’re not sure where (or how) to start.

The reality is, when you try to commit to healthy eating you feel this limits your social life and how you can enjoy your life and outings.

You have no energy or power to exercise even though you want to and you are feeling weak in your body.

And most of the time you just are out of breath with the smallest effort.

I understand because I have been there, too.


I used to think that my health and what happens to it was out of my control and that there is nothing I could do about it. I used to think, not very long time ago, that my metabolism is my “not so good friend”.

I used to be so very disappointed. Despite the fact that I was watching my calorie intake daily, eating everything that says “diet” or “low fat” or “skimmed”.

I pushed myself to exercise as often as I could and deprived myself from foods I loved. I thought I was doing everything “right”. The only results I was constantly getting was NOTHING but disappointment. Above all, I was not losing those STUBBORN 5-7 kilos. I lost hope and I almost gave up; certain that I COULD NOT CONTROL my metabolism or health.

The good news is I was wrong!

In my 6-week group coaching program, TRANSFORM, you’ll learn my step-by-step formula for a complete mind, body & soul transformation.

(Because what I’ve learned, is that it takes more than just nutrition to see lasting results. Your mindset accounts for 80%!)

Whether you dream of having more energy, better sleep, clear skin, you suffer endless digestive issues, have chronic migraines or simply want to make your metabolism your friend again — this program is for you.


Here’s what we’ll cover:


  • Setting intentions and getting clear on your desired goals
  • Affirmations and vision boards
  • Morning mindset routine


  • Kitchen de-cluttering
  • Kitchen pantry facelift
  • Healthy cooking instructions guide


  • Clean eating meal plan with optional 10-day detox
  • Introducing optional detox support tools
  • Elimination diet and singling out food sensitivities


  • Superfoods and shopping ingredients master list
  • Food prep and kitchen support
  • Mastering healthy meals creation


  • Supplementation and super healthy formula for ultimate body maintenance and high performance

  • Mapping out physical activity integration


  • Gut health and optimum digestion (advanced)
  • Weight, energy & digestive health evaluation and monitoring
  • Revisiting: action plan for maintenance of results.

What’s Included:

  • 6 x 60-minute weekly group coaching sessions (on Zoom) to review weekly
    content and get your personal questions answered
  • Weekly content modules including recipes,  lifestyle and mindset tools to help you maintain a healthy body, mind and soul for lifetime.
  • A private Facebook group for support in between sessions
  • Plus, receive my bonus 10-day Detox and clean eating plan, including elimination diet.

Next Group Program starts again Online January 2019

Join the waitlist to get notified when registration opens! 

  & to get access to early-bird pricing. 


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Your investment in your health is:


Outside Egypt (International)

Group Only: $299 USD

VIP Option:  $399 USD (includes 1 x 60 min private session)



Group Only: 2750 LE

VIP Option: 4600 LE (includes 1 x 60 min private session)

Thank you so much Shahinaz El Tarouty for your efforts, it has been a Life-changing experience, although I wasn’t 100% committed but I have learned and changed a lot. I am now much more in control of my health.

- Mariam Talaat

The detox was a boost for me to stop my unhealthy eating habits and the non-stop eating too. I’m not craving sweets anymore. I have quit coffee and tea and I’m not regretting since my headache is much better now!! What makes me happier is that lots of people seeing me these days telling me you look different something has change in you which is exactly how I feel and it is true. Thanks a lot Shahinaz El Tarouty.

- Hala Khalaf

Right after the program I noticed a clearer skin, less puffiness under the eyes. Also he skin shade was much youthful and rejuvenated. The whole experience was a real transformation!

- Mona El Kaissy

Hi, my name is Shaninaz El Tarouty and I’m a Certified Health Coach, from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York and a Certified Transformational Divine Living Coach, from the Divine Living Academy in LA.  I am here to support you during this restorative, 6-week private coaching program. I am sincerely passionate to guide you lead & maintain the healthy life-style that will help you become the best version of YOU.  My studies, life experience and work as a health and wellness coach, has allowed me to help transform the lives of over two hundred people of my amazing clients.

Today, their lives have changed and so can yours!


The exact steps that I personally took to improve my life & go from feeling tired & bloated to light & energetic.
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