Your – Healthy Way – Nutrition Blueprint

A customized private 6-week coaching program to uncover your unique bio-individuality, so you can glow from the inside out.

You’re in your 30’s, 40’s or 50’s and are feeling TERRIFIED of growing older and/or getting sick (and not knowing what to do about it). Your metabolism feels stuck and is not functioning like it used to be not very long ago. You suffer from low ENERGY, and often find yourself needing COFFEE just to get through the day. You’re FRUSTRATED and feeling demotivated, and lack a vision for your future.

You’re desperate for a solution, but not sure where to start…


● You’re not happy about your current body image and you are trying to lose


● You ’ve tried everything and nothing is working anymore.

● You are depending on sugar and coffee DAILY to get energy.

● You crave bread and pastries, waffles, sweets, pizza and burger and just feel guilty each time you eat them.

You dream to…

● Feel energetic, be fitter and look and FEEL healthier. 

● Lose that extra weight for good, be healthy, fit and energetic and look your best. 

● Wake up feeling energized, without depending on coffee and sugar.

● Be able to lose the weight without feeling deprived.


   And to:

● Finally, know the foods that give you energy and glowing skin.

I understand, because I have been there too!

(And I can tell you it’s possible)

I used to think that my health and what happens to it was out of control and that there is nothing I could do about it. I used to think, not very long time ago, that my metabolism is my “not so good friend”.

I used to be so very disappointed. Despite the fact that I was watching out my calorie intake daily, eating everything that says “diet” or “low fat” or “skimmed”. I pushed myself to exercise as often as I could, deprived myself from foods I loved. I thought I was doing everything “right”. The only results I was constantly getting was nothing but disappointment.

Above all, NOT losing those STUBBORN 5-7 kilos. I almost lost any hope and I almost gave up and was certain that I CAN NOT CONTROL my metabolism or health.



The good news is I was wrong!

Regardless of your age or even genetics, you CAN fix your metabolism and your health and you CAN get back in control.


Your Healthy Way Nutrition Blueprint

A customized private 6-week coaching program to uncover your unique bio-individuality, so you can glow from the inside out.


In your customized 6-week program you’ll discover:

● Your unique health blueprint.

● Wake up feeling energized, without depending on coffee and sugar.

● How to make over 60 delicious, wholesome meals for breakfast, lunches, dinners and snacks.

● The exact daily protocol you should be following so that you’ll recharge your cells and beautify your body.

● Wake up feeling energized, without depending on coffee and sugar.

● Be able to lose the weight without feeling deprived.

● Lose that extra weight for good, be healthy, fit and energetic and look your best.

● Real life self-care strategies for putting yourself FIRST that will rid your body

   of toxins and nourish body, mind and soul.

● Learn the tools to get rid of painful belly bloat, food intolerances, constipation or diarrhea, and stomach upset on a daily basis.

● Everything you ever wanted to know about bacteria, including how to fill your gut up with the good guys and stop the bad guys.

● All about the elimination diet and how to uncover which food allergies are plaguing your body.

● How to give your kitchen a necessary facelift so you’re not tempted to revert  back to your old lifestyle and can stay on track towards your goals.

● The exact steps, week by week, that will help you achieve long-lasting results.

● Tactics for crowding out the bad stuff, so you can bring in yummy foods to replace them – no deprivation here!

● Easy ways to eat healthy even when you are traveling or if you are on the go.

● How to combine food groups for maximum nutrient assimilation and minimal

   digestive upset.

● And so much more…


What’s Included:

● 6 x 60-minute private coaching sessions

● A customized nutrition plan tailored to your unique needs.

● A customized supplement and lab testing review (if applicable).

● Unlimited email support in between sessions.

Your Investment:

International: $497 USD 

Inside Egypt: 5500 LE 

*Payment plan available upon consultation

Ready for your transformation?

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Hi, my name is Shaninaz El Tarouty and I’m a Certified Health Coach, from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York and a Certified Transformational Divine Living Coach, from the Divine Living Academy in LA.  I am here to support you during this restorative, 6-week private coaching program. I am sincerely passionate to guide you lead & maintain the healthy life-style that will help you become the best version of YOU.  My studies, life experience and work as a health and wellness coach, has allowed me to help transform the lives of over two hundred people of my amazing clients.


Today, their lives have changed and so can yours!

Thank you so much Shahinaz El Tarouty for your efforts, it has been a Life-changing experience, although I wasn’t 100% committed but I have learned and changed a lot. I am now much more in control of my health.

Mariam Talaat

Right after the program I noticed a clearer skin, less puffiness under the eyes. Also he skin shade was much youthful and rejuvenated. The whole experience was a real transformation!

Mona El Kaissy

Thank you again, Shahinaz 🙂 You’ve empowered me again! Thank you

Shereen Hassan Aboul Naga

The detox was a boost for me to stop my unhealthy eating habits and the non-stop eating too. I’m not craving sweets anymore. I have quit coffee and tea and I’m not regretting since my headache is much better now!! What makes me happier is that lots of people seeing me these days telling me you look different something has change in you which is exactly how I feel and it is true.
Thanks a lot Shahinaz El Tarouty.

Hala Khalaf

l have lost 4 kilos finally. I am now coffee free, sugar free and gluten dairy free since the start of the program and I, to my surprise, don’t miss them!! Thank you again I have really benefit from the program and I am surely back on track again.

Noha Radwan

Thank you again, Shahinaz 🙂 You’ve empowered me again!
Thank you

Shereen Hassan Aboul Naga

Thank you so much Shahinaz El Tarouty for your efforts and for this program.
I have learned a lot!  It has been a life changing experience

Mariam Talaat

I am so happy I lost weight and I am feeling so light. Even my digestion has improved so much. The program was easy to follow with her continuous support and guidance.  I would like to thank you Shahinaz so much.  I don’t want the program to end! I would love to complete with her endlessly.  She’ve taught me a lot about my health and how to live a healthy life ever after.

Yasmine Shorosh

Today is my last day in detox and Shahinaz is soooo helpful, she is always there to answer my questions and she is as supportive as it gets. She gave us super delicious healthy recipes and we are never hungry. I feel so energetic, happy and very light.

May Nassar

Thank u so much Shahinaz El Tarouty, I still can’t believe I quit coffee and have no more heartburn anymore :))) Now, I feel so much conscious and knowledgeable of what I eat and I love that so much. I just feel GREAT!!
Thank you!

Nada Farid

Shahinaz you touched my life with your detox program and I recommend each and everyone to give it a try. I’m in love with my NEW me!!!  Thank you for everything Shahinaz and for your endless support and devotion.

Sara Etman

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