EP11: Getting Unstuck From Living Your Best Life with Sarah McNicol

by | Jul 10, 2019 | Podcast

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    • Get unstuck from living a life you don’t want as Shahi asks Sarah what practical tools she uses on herself and her clients to get them to live their best!

      More about Sarah McNicol

      What Really Matters

      Before she was 45, during a space of 2.5 years 3 of Sarah’s dearest friends and inspirational mentors died.

      Although older than her, they were all young with big appetites for life. Each of them was involved in creating, contributing, collaborating and connecting. Each of them had future plans.

      These untimely deaths in quick succession delivered a stirring wake-up call.

      The big lesson Sarah took from this very sad experience was – today is it! There is no guarantee beyond that.

      She made a commitment to live today in the way that is most meaningful and enjoyable to her and to help other people do the same.

      That starting point was a low place and her journey since has required much healing.

      The life she lives today involves prioritizing enjoyment as much as achievement, less survival and more fun. Looking after herself well, physically, mentally, emotionally and being kind to herself rather than pushing herself the whole time. She entertains her dreams, preferences, and passions. She allows time for creativity. She spends more time in nature and with people whose company nourishes her.

      Sarah coaches women and men who are ready to create their own meaningful and enjoyable new chapter. She helps them know how glorious they are, to see the beauty, value and power in their unique journey, and to live life today in a self-honouring way in line with their deepest priorities, passions and values.

      If you’d like life to feel more meaningful, you can create your new chapter with Sarah in her group coaching programme, New Chapter Launch, starting May 1st. Find out more here – www.sarahmcnicol.com/newchapterlaunch

      In today’s episode we talk about:

      * How losing three close friends in a short time span changed her perspective on life

      * 5 Key Questions to get you from where you are to where you want to be

      * How to train your brain with new beliefs using Mantras

      * Why fear isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but how to push back against it when it detracts you from your goals

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